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Selected Publications

Lower-Level Oculomotor Deficits in Schizophrenia During Multi-Line Reading: Evidence from Return-Sweeps

Christofalos, A. L., Laks, M., Wolfer, S., Dias, E. C., Javitt, D. C., & Sheridan, H. (2023). Lower-level oculomotor deficits in schizophrenia during multi-line reading: Evidence from return-sweeps. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology,

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Too Depleted to Comprehend: Resource Depletion Impairs Situation Model Comprehension

Christofalos, A. L., Pambuccian, F. S., & Raney, G. E. (2022). Too depleted to comprehend: Resource depletion impairs situation model comprehension. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 34(6), 703-713.

Titles Support the Development of Coherent Situational Models

Christofalos, A. L., Raney, G. E., Daniel, F., & Demos, A. P. (2020). Titles support the development of coherent situation models. Journal of Research in Reading,

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Semantic Congruency Facilitates Memory for Emojis 

Christofalos A.L., Feldman, L.B., & Sheridan, H., (2022). Semantic congruency facilitates memory for emojis. Proceedings of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL) Emoji 2022 Workshop.

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